Edgenuity isn’t required for everyone.  Some people, especially those with homeschooled children, have many options for educational software.  If you work as a curriculum planner or a principal at a small school, you may also have to decide if Edgenuity is right for your establishment.

In this article, I’m going to give my review of Edgenuity so you can decide if it is right for you.


The first factor you need to decide on when choosing any product is its cost.  Edgenuity isn’t cheap and will cost $350 – $1000 for each student enrolled.  The pricing gets cheaper the more students are enrolled in the program.  Paying this price will cover the student for the entire school year.  So, as far as pricing goes, Edgenuity is more expensive than its competitors like Reading Plus and Study Island.

Education Level

This software is seperated into two main sections: middle school and high school.  The middle school software is for grades 5-8 and includes basic and introductory lessons.  There is also more advanced lessons for grades 9-12, in theory a student could spend half of their school life using Edgenuity! Some students become very comfortable with the software because of this.  The user interface feels more and more natural as time goes on.


Edgenuity is separated into three main sections: the Core Curriculum, MyPath, and Dual Credit.

Core Curriculum

Most students will be using the core curriculum section.  It has 200 different courses ranging in every topic under the sun: math, science, languages, art, history, CTE.  The big one is math, which most classes in the USA require their students to take as a supplement to their education.

The core curriculum is updated twice a year by PhDs on the Edgenuity content development team.  This keeps the videos up to date with new education standards as they emerge.

The core curriculum also aligns with meeting the following state standards and assessments.

  • Common Core State Standards
  • International Association for K-12 Online Learning guidelines
  • Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA)
  • MAP and Scantron’s Performance Series.
  • The NCAA, University of California and College Board’s AP Standards

These videos are filmed in the Edgenuity studio at their location in Scottsdale Arizona.  They have a full production team and everything is done on site. This helps them ensure high-quality videos are able to be created quickly to meet deadlines of the school system.

Edgenuity Trial and Demo

One of the questions I first wondered when I found Edgenuity was is there a trial?  Yes! You can apply for a trial on the Edgenuity demo page.  They will then contact you with a few questions and give you a sample login to try out.  This is the best way to review Edgenuity for yourself.  You can test out a course and see if it is a good fit for what you need the software for.  Beware though, they won’t just hand out a trial to anyone. They will want to see proof that you homeschool your students or that you work for a school.   When you do get into the trial try to check out each section and each course.  Especially subjects like art and language which most people ignore, but are very great and informative in their own way.  They should give you a pdf guide on how to use E2020, but if not, you can download the official quick start guide here.